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Cautionary Tales For Children
Wonderful witty poems great for reading to your children. The stories and rhymes will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Research has shown how important YOU are to your children and how as a dad the things you do, and keep on doing, really count, whether you live with them, or you are a single dad and are only able see them once a month, once a week or more, what you do really matters. This site is dedicated to all dads but will be of special relevance to the single dad. Remember, you are half the reason your children exist and they need you whether you live with them or not. As their dad, you have what it takes to make their lives successful and fulfilling no matter how often you see them. This site is about all the positive things that we as parents have to offer our children.
What you think about dadcando
I'll be signing up for membership, and promise to continue sending the love your site's way on our blog. I've already mentioned to them that we are signing up because it's so fabulous. Hopefully that will increase membership among the homeschooling crowd.
Take care

~peace, kat, USA

I just joined dadcando. I had been looking at the awesome projects on your site yesterday and decided to join because you have so many projects, but also because of the quality. So many projects you find [on other sites] are what seem to me to be throw away projects, fun to make at the time but not something of quality to keep and cherish.
. . . Iím not a single dad, I am not even a guy, I am a Grandma. I raised my kids as a single mom, and I know from that side of the fence just how it hurts for kids to be without a father (at least one that is in their lives). So I cheer your efforts and goals here on this site.
. . . I would love to share the projects you offer with some pretty great kids who would seriously enjoy them.
Thank you

Mary Jo, USA

I want to say that you are doing some brilliant work with the web-site. As a father of three, divorced (and separated just over four years ago) it really is very hard to manage work, relationships with your children and strike a balance between just being a Dad and doing fun stuff that is entertaining and engaging when you have them one day each week.
. . . The creativity and commitment you demonstrate through your site, I find, is inspirational - I'm amazed at the ideas that you just keep coming up with. If I had had access to the information you provide, (and not just the project ideas) at the time of my separation, I'm certain that I may have approached some things differently and better for myself. Clearly you are writing from experience.

Martin, Australia

Exactly right for single fathers [and the rest of us], especially when TV, football and McDonalds has been the only options. I am a grandmother of two grandsons and the cool activities on your site have blown me away and helped my boys bond with me in such a way that French knitting and Scrabble never did. My thanks to you for an impressive, award deserving site.
Joan, UK

Love what you are doing on the website. We need more people exercising their imaginations as you have been doing. You make a great role model for creative thinking and problem solving.
Deborah, UK

I found your site and was impressed by both the simplicity and the amazing results of your projects.
. . . Your message is wonderful, and it is refreshing to see such a positive approach to such a delicate situation. In today's environment of video games and text messaging, I also appreciate how your projects emphasize hands-on experience and imagination.
. . . Thanks for maintaining such a wonderful website. I currently don't have any children, but I have several nieces and nephews who will be getting some imagination-inspiring birthday presents in the coming year.

Chad, US

I just found this site tonight and I am SOOO glad to be here, I just had to tell you. While I may not be a single dad, as a mom with substantial amount of help from my husband with our 4 yr old daughter, sites like these are what makes parenting a BLAST! Not only that, but there are many great gifts for other adults. What really got me going though, and turned my "ooh what a great site" into "wow, that's so cool!" was the Mad Eye House Picture. Hubby and I are huge fans of the show. I can't wait to do more stuff from dadcando!
Rebecca, US

I have a very small private school in my home. I operate on the shortest of shoestrings. I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for offering these lovely projects. The quality is superb and as you point out, children value that greatly. We will be greatly enriched by them.
. . . I have downloaded many of your templates. We will be making them slowly, but as we do I will be sure to upload pictures of some of the finished ones.
. . . Thank you again, so much.

Karen, US

Keep up the dragon projects. I really love them, mainly because I love dragons. And I think your dragon projects are just superb! Especially the new egg, I have been meaning to make a dragon egg, but I haven't been able to find time to do so. Which is a pity, because the Filigree egg case is a work of art!
Edward, UK

What a great site!

Thanks. I have spent about half an hour this morning looking over the site. It's great. While there seems to be a lot out there for mom's, there isn't much for dads. My boy will love doing some of these projects.

Micheal, USA

This is the most wonderful website. I have been searching the web for things to make with the children at my nursery school in South Africa and this site is absolutely perfect. It's easy to find your way around the site and the ideas are brilliant!
. . . I will be checking for new creations with great anticipation and excitement.

Brenda, South Africa

This is a PHENOMENAL website! I myself am a 23 yo female, and my mother passed away many years ago. Before then, however, she and I used to do many projects together. After she had passed, I did some projects with my dad. I think it's so great that a website like this exists for other families out there to enjoy spending time together. I know I would have liked this website to be available to me when I was younger. It's also so wonderful that you don't HAVE to be just a dad crafting with your kids- I myself do many of the projects on this site with my 20-something friends! Additionally, I frequent and also appreciate your contributions on that site as well.
. . . So anyway, I wanted to just let you know that you are continuing to do a great job. I love your website and everything it stands for, and I wish you and your family a happy and healthy week! God Bless!

Jennifer, USA

Hi, my partner of one year is a separated dad with two beautiful children who live with us for half the week. Things are challenging quite a lot of the time, trying to support the kids and deal with the whole new two houses and two families scenario. I started searching for help online this morning because my heart is breaking for my partner who sees his children gravitating away from him and he feels so useless at times because a 'dad' is never a 'mum'. Your website has filled me with hope and good ideas and I LOVE the gorgeous inspiring pics on every page of cartoon superdads! It's so uplifting! thanks so much guys and gals - this website is amazing. from a very resilient lass who is trying to convince her partner that he is and can continue to be a fabulously wonderful dad!!!
Alison, United Kingdom

It's not often I feel compelled to leave feedback on a site - but stumbling across this site made my day, so I thought it was the least I could do.
. . . I'm 18, not a dad yet. But still - the projects listed on this site are great fun to browse through and read over :) As far as the projects and instructions go - it seems like the perfect site for me. But I love that I'm not actually the intended audience.
. . . How awesome it would be if more dads took time to spend with their kids! I'm only 18, right? So I'm sure I'm only just BEGINNING to understand the huge influence my dad has had on me and will have on me as I go (and grow) through life.
. . . From what I'm seeing this site doesn't only provide the practical projects that a father can do with/for his children - but also encouragement. I found that very inspiring, I can only imagine what it means to fathers and their families! :-)
. . . Keep it up.

Charles, United Kingdom

Hi everyone, I Love the site, I have two girls and we like to make stuff together, (My oldest is in a wizard rock Harry Potter band so when she sees all the stuff we can make she is going to flip and Madeye is my fave) Plan to be here often.
Mike, USA

What a fantastic website. I'm so impressed with everything here. I'm incredibly lucky to be happily married with two wonderful children, but due to illness, I can't do all the usual "dad stuff" like playing football, running around, etc. etc., but there are so many other things I have found to do with them, thanks to your wonderful site. I've just made the Concorde and Tornado paper planes for them (they fly superbly, by the way - good instructions!), and together we will work our way through the rest of your site. Words cannot describe what a stunningly good resource you have made!
Jon, United Kingdom

Wonderful, wonderful site - thank you so much for all the downloads - it's going to be a fun summer!
Fiona, United Kingdom

Iím an art teacher and I was doing a search for some craft ideas this evening when I came upon your site. I was raised by my wonderful single dad and am so happy to see what youíre doing to support great dads like mine. Thanks and peace,
Stephanie, USA

Iíve just found dadcando and I wanted to say I think itís great! Iíve been divorced for a few years now and we share custody of my 10 year old son. I love the fact you are promoting that dads have a useful contribution to make, too often we are sidelined and portrayed as useless when it comes to childrenís needs. Keep up the good work,
Simon, UK

Just wanted to comment on what a wonderful site this is, so much amazing, imaginative stuff, like Iíve seen nowhere else and perfect for our two boys. Ok, I confess, Iím a Mum and happily married to James and Jacobís Dad,
Jo, UK

Hi! I followed a tutorial on how to make wizard wands and my eldest niece and I made some for an awesome Harry Potter Halloween decoration. I also made a few for some Harry Potter Swaps. Thanks so much!
Anna, Southern Illinois, USA

Hi there! I think this site is amazing! I just made my own wand, and it is wonderful! I'll do the snitch next weekend. Just wanted to say: really awesome work of you!
Nina, Frankfurt, Germany

Thanks for the inspiration for making dragon's eggs. My daughter is a dragon collector and budding artist, and we also have a family tradition of decorating Easter eggs in unconventional ways, so this was a fun project. Thanks also for the very cool antique mailing box template that added the perfect accessory for the egg!
Mike, Idaho, USA

Hello, Iím a mum of 5 children and I came across your site while looking for a reward chart to print out for my youngest son. I've just spent the last 3 hours here and I just couldnít leave without saying, well done, this is a wonderful website.
Simone, Wakefiled, UK

Hi there, I just wanted to say I think youĎve put together a brilliant site. I saw your space rocket mentioned in todayĎs Guardian and thought IĎd have a look, even though IĎm a single mum rather than a dad. Hope you donít mind.
Caroline, Co Down, UK

I hope you donít mind a mother writing to you only I would like to say that I am impressed with your website and very glad to see that some dads want to continue to take an active role in their kids lives. Just because the parents are no longer together this should not affect the relationship between a dad and his kids. Anyway keep up the good work and continue to highlight your website in the press, it may help a lot of kids. I wish you every success.
Gill, Hertfordshire , UK

I just wanted to congratulate you on this lovely site and to say that Iíve passed on the link to our Members. Mothers Apart from Their Children has offered non-judgemental emotional support since 1979 to mothers who are apart because children have been fostered, adopted or abducted abroad. Most Members, however, are apart from their children because of high-conflict family breakdown when the child chooses of their free will not to see their mother. Best wishes, and thank you for what youíre doing for children.
Penny, Norfolk, UK

Great site, good to see you advocating doing ordinary activities and encouraging dads to invite their childrenís friends over etc.
Sally, Essex, UK

Hi, I just thought Iíd drop a quick line after reading an article written by yourself in a magazine recently. I read the article in work, which was a mistake as it raised tears in my eyes. The problems that face single Dads as outlined in the article accurately reflect my own situation. I found it heartening to know that other Dads find themselves in the same situation as myself. I also took encouragement from the fact that the article mentions that as time passes, things often become easier when trying to deal with ones ex-partner regarding childcare matters. I hope this happens in my own circumstances. Thank you,
Timothy, Scotland, UK

I work as a psychotherapist and talk to a lot of dads who feel isolated and lost when it comes to working on playing with their children. Thanks for creating such a useful and engaging web site. I shall certainly give it as a resource for my clients, good luck and thank you,
Martin, UK

Yeah, first off I would like to say that I love your site. I am actually a kid, and all of your stuff is really fun to make, especially if your parents are busy at work, etc. So, I love looking at this site and making all of this cool stuff. Not only dads can do this stuff, but even kids. I have a room full of stuff from this website, thanks
Cyril, USA

I want to say, this is the best site Iíve come across in years. My husband is a wonderful devoted dad, and itís hard for him to find resources just for Dads. This site is amazing. It is so nice to see a site recognizing the importance of DADDYS in kidsí lives. The wonderful activities and ideas will keep him busy with fun things for just him and the kids. They love their ďDaddy TimeĒ. Way to go Dads.... Iím so glad my husband finally has a site thatís HIS, for ideas and things to try out with the kids! There needs to be more sites like this.
Julia, Ovid, USA

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The things you say...
Thank you for all the fantastic messages you send in. It seems that dadcando has something for everyone. Here are a small selection of the lovely messages that you have sent us over the last year.

I would just like to say how informative and wonderfully helpful your site has been to me. It is an emotional roller coaster at times as a single "part time" dad and your site really helps me with your advice and quotes. Thank you so much for making the effort, it is truly appreciated,
London, UK

I just found your site and have been looking it over and reading the About Section. I have never seen a site with such solid, affirmative goals and ideals - nor have I ever seen one that is succeeding so well in accomplishing its goals. Kudos to you, from this happily married creative American mother of four,
Hayden, USA

Thanks for the site! I am a single father of a nine year old boy. It amazes me how there is such a lack of resources available for men like us. Good luck and again thank you,
Calgary, Canada

I recently have had the pleasure of looking through your website. Although not a single dad, my parents divorced when I was 7 and I could associate with all of the topics you have covered very well. I'm a married woman now, yet a few times when reading through your material I had to blink back tears. All single dads need to know this stuff. I'm sure it would have saved our family a lot of heart ache. Can I just encourage you for the amazing work you have done thus far and say that I honestly believe the countless hours you have spent on this (no doubt) are certainly not in vain,

I tried your instructions for the Magical Lumos Wand and I must say it was absolutely cool and great! I am extremely happy with the wand I made. It looks sooo real! I used a glue gun to mould the entire wand but I used a normal switch instead of making one. I love it!
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Hi, I just happened by your site and wanted to say how fantastic it is and what an inspirational and supportive place it is. I'm fortunate to be a happily married mother of two grown up sons - so this site is full of stuff I did with my kids (and it would have been a great resource for me too when they were young!). Many Dad's (whether single or not) don't often get chance to do stuff other than sport with their kids - so this site will give them some inspiration and confidence to branch out. Keep up the great work!

Hi there, Iíve got to say Iím not a dad, but my parents split up when I was a lot younger. I just thought I would send a message. I think this site is great and I extend my thanks to people who are dedicated to a worthy cause such as this. Iím sure it makes a big difference to fathers out there who need to make the most of the precious time they get to spend with their children. Keep up the good work, and may this site continue to help the countless number of fathers out there who love their children more than anything else in the world.
Falmouth, UK

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