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Dragon's Filligree Egg Case
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Make your own replica Filigree Egg Case to cheat the Draco Beast out of hers...

Dragon Filigree Egg Case on white background

Dragonry illustrated letter As a boy I eagerly listened to my father's tales of the daring expeditions that had attempted to recover a perfect example of what must be one of the rarest artifacts know to man, the Tibetan Lung's golden filigree egg. As soon as I could read and was permitted entry to our small library, scarcely an evening would go by that wouldn't find me sitting in my favourite winged reading chair with a large leather bound first edition of Dicta Johannis Chrysostomi de Naturis Bestiarum crushing my knees, as I pawed over each page, searching for clues that might one day be useful for the expedition that I planned to make when I was old enough.
. . . Fifteen years passed and by the early 1870s I was in my twenties and already had a few adventurous voyages to my credit, when I was indirectly approached by the King of Norway, whom I learned had heard of my successful exploits, and wished to sponsor me on an expedition of his own bidding to Nepal, to discover and bring back none other than the Golden Filigree Eggcase.
. . . A venture of this nature is not one to be taken on lightly, and certainly was no more so in 1872. You will of course be aware that in the latter half of the 19th Century less was generally known of the perils that lurked in the darker corners of the World, and even though I was young at heart and Dragon journal with drawings high spirited and possessing of the constitution of an ox, even I myself would not have considered such a trip, had not such an illustrious patron personally requested that I undertake to lead the expedition. It was a question of love. He wished me to acquire, or procure by any means, one of the rarest artifacts known to mankind; an example of a fabled Tibetan Filigree Eggcase, so that he might court the attentions of the woman he desired as his consort, Sofia of Nassau.
. . . In those days, I knew nothing much of love, but in matters concerning that mountainous regionís most fearsome Draco Beast, I was certainly no novice, having prepared for this eventuality since I could remember. On accepting the challenge I had immediately decided upon the course of action that had resulted in my success on previous occasions, namely to make a replica and swap it for the authentic piece and make good my retreat.
. . . Egg Case in glass display case However, there was one thing that had often pondered: How had such an intricate golden form evolved? Over many years I researched the matter, and during the long overland trek, my traveling companions and I pondered the vexation, but despite our cognitive machinations were unable to uncover a satisfying answer, until that is, the night before we actually saw the egg case for the first time.
. . . It was late and we were exhausted after having climbed all day through some of the most treacherous terrain. The Sherpas had joined us in the main tent for a nightcap of the most evil tasting wood spirit, the drinking of which, we had discovered was the only way to keep warm through the freezing Nepalese nights. When the general hubbub of voices had quietened our head guide began relate to us his old family's tales of the dragon we sought and its various natural and perverted habits. I asked him if he knew of the reason for the golden filigree, as such structures were not to be found on any other dragon's egg. He told us that like all dragons, Tibetan Lungs often jealously guarded a large treasure horde. Despite its size, the lung was an anxious beast and over centuries had developed the nervous habit of gnawing at such pieces of gold that it might conveniently claw into its terrible jaws, which by degrees it ingested. Over time the beasts had evolved the curious trait of excreting a layer of fine golden filaments over the surface of the eggs that they were brooding. The villagers thereabouts had long believed that this "golden filigree" was beneficial to the survival of the dragon chicks, as it had been seen to protect their brittle egg shells from damage on the hard rocks and stones that littered the draco beasts' nests.

Tibetan Lung's Egg Case in woods
The first ever image of a Filigree Eggcase caught in the emulsion of a plate image.
Note that its vibration and slight glow has exposed the plate to provide a less than perfect image.

The next morning we set off early, before it was light. My plan was simple, search for and discover the lair of a brooding Tibetan Lung, and then scour the surrounding parts for discarded egg cases, while avoiding detection by the Draco Beast. Once we had found a suitable specimen, I had decided that we would take a photographic plate image of it and make various sketches so as to record its exact form. Then we would retire to our camp, some miles distant, and make an exact replica of the case. The following day it was our intention to return to the dragon's lair and effect a switch so that we had the authentic item but the dragon's loss was less apparent to it. It was hoped that by the time the dragon noticed the difference, we would be far beyond it's territory and safely on our way back home.
. . . Discovering the lair was not difficult. The dragon's nest stood out like a cattle brand, seared onto the albino haunches of a pale frosty landscape. Further, we had little trouble finding a discarded eggcase and scarcely an hour had passed before we had found a perfect example. I had Collinworth mark the spot and we gingerly took our reference. Needless to say, we executed the plan flawlessly. We never knew what became of the dragon; if she discovered the switch we had made, and if so, the wrathful vengeance that must surely have befallen the locale after our departure.
. . . Upon my return to Europe, I gained audience with my sponsor, the King of Norway and presented the Filigree Eggcase to his Royal Highness at Court; but that is another story.
. . . Now, after all these years I am able to provide instructions for you to make your own Dragon's Filigree Eggcase, so that even if you never have the opportunity to behold the original, you will be able to make something capable of deceiving even the most cunning of creatures, and a treasure to keep for all time.
. . . My trusted servant, Collinworth, tells me that you may print out this page on a piece of equipment called an inkjet printer, and having done so, you will be able re-create our endeavour using modern equipment and materials . I am also reliably informed, that for your convenience, these pages are available in both A4 and US Letter sized printouts. He also informs me that if you enjoy this project, then other related projects you might also consider are, the Victorian domed display case, Dragon Journal pages, the Antique Mailing Box, complete with beautiful download wrapping and special old postage stamps, and Egg Stand, which would be an elegant and simple way to display your Golden Filigree Egg, once you've made it.

fantastic craft downloads from dadcando download an A4 printable from dadcandodownload a US Letter printable from dadcando

160 12547
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jokate's Dragon's Filligree Egg Case
Posted by jokate - This was my first attempt at using a Glue gun, so it is a little all over the place but my son loved it and we are using it as part of a Hunt for his Harry Potter themed birthday party.Spacer
gizmothehobbit's Dragon's Filligree Egg Case
Posted by gizmothehobbitSpacer
elida's Dragon's Filligree Egg Case
Posted by elidaSpacer
melros's Dragon's Filligree Egg Case
Posted by melros - I painted mine with model car paint and fingernail polish and made the case (minus the top) and lined it with red crushed velvet.Spacer
asmida's Dragon's Filligree Egg Case
Posted by asmida - Not the Filigree Egg Case, but an original Dragon Egg.Spacer
mylie's Dragon's Filligree Egg Case
Posted by mylieSpacer

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